Grant of HRA at Chandigarh rates to CG Employees Posted at S.A.S. Nagar Mohali

Date of posting : 15 May 2017

Regarding grant of House Rent Allowances at Chandigarh rates to Central Government Employees Posted at S.A.S. Nagar Mohali.

The question of grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) at rates admissible in the classified city of Chandigarh (‘Y’ class) to the Railway employees posted at Mohali has been considered in Board’s office in consonance with instructions of Ministry of Finance and the President is pleased to decide that the Railway employees whose place shall be entitled the limits of the notified area committee of S.A.S. Nagar Mohali shall be enttiled to draw HRA at the rates admissible within the classified city of Chandigarh.

The grant of HRA under these orders shall be regulated in accordance with the conditions laid down in this Ministry’s letter No.PC-66/HRA-1/21 dated 26.07.1967 as amended from time to time.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Railway Board.

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